Social Media Training Courses

Social media allows you to create online communities and share ideas, images, videos, and other content. We offer online and onsite training to include Google courses and the popular Social Media Strategist to help you manage all the complexities...

Google AdWords

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Are you a business owner, web analyst, or online marketing specialist who needs to understand search engine marketing? This is the course for you! In addition to learning the fundamentals of search engine marketing, this course teaches . . .
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Google Analytics

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By monitoring, tracking, and analyzing visitors to your website and their activities on your website, you can draw conclusions about the effectiveness of your site content, promotions, and advertising campaigns and technical details . . .
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Social Media Strategist

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What hashtags are trending right now? Is your website integrated with popular social media platforms? Would Facebook be a good fit for your organization? Should you have a blog? A talented social media strategist can answer these . . .
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